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Meet the Team

Brian Chandler

Owner / Lead Inspector

Favorite Movie: Inn Too Deep and The Wood
Birthday: 5/20/1994
Hobbies: Laughing and creating memories with his family and my significant other, relaxing and having peace of mind.
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite thing about entrepreneurship: Peace and freedom, having the ability to bring my mental illustrations to life

Savannah Cyman

Executive Assistant

Favorite Movie: The Lion King
Birthday: October 2nd
Hobbies: Crafting/creating, photography, video games, traveling, and anything with music
Favorite color: Orange
Favorite thing about entrepreneurship: Having the freedom to design how you would like your work days to look and to help grow something from the ground up.

Korbin Perry

Technology Manager

Favorite Movie: Batman: The Dark Knight
Birthday: December 4th
Hobbies: Gaming, making music, and other creative endeavors
Favorite color: Purple
Favorite thing about entrepreneurship: Creating my own schedule!

More about the owner
Brian Chandler is an innovative, future-forward and knowledgeable home inspector and entrepreneur. He thrives off of customer satisfaction and service. These performance measures have been perfected through years of education and experienced but were first developed by his mother and grandmother. These phenomenal women consistently instilled in him the virtue of respect along with a relentless work ethic that today is the personification of Chandler Inspections.
Being raised by a single mother, losing his father to the judicial system at the age of three, and being on government assistance, Brian had to mature quickly and embrace hard work at a young age. Holding himself to a high standard both personally and professionally was modeled by his grandmother. Her ability to authentically give excellent customer service to family, friends and neighbors taught Brian the value of serving families and communities.
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Inspection Certification Associates license certified by American Society of Home Inspectors
ICA Mold Inspection Certification 
ICA Radon Inspection Certification
Associates in Arts Pre-Criminal Justice
Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

How Did Chandler Inspections Begin?

Brian has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice from Ferris State University. Upon graduation, he found himself working multiple jobs without finding a level of peace nor satisfaction. One day an old college roommate and lifetime friend reached out to him about becoming an entrepreneur and pursuing a career in the home inspections industry. It was at this point, Brian’s roots from his childhood sprang into action. As he studied home inspections, the importance of customer service, dependability, adaptability and communication learned from his mother and grandmother became the foundation of Chandler Inspections. He not only owns his own business, but he is also a member of the Inspection Certification Association.

The ultimate goal for Chandler Inspections

is to launch a youth center that offers mentoring, after school programs, parenting classes, mental health workshops, and financial literacy and investment seminars. If that’s not awesome enough, the youth center will also house a trade school to train the next generation of community builders.

Why Chandler Inspections?

Unlike other home inspection companies, Chandler Inspections creates an optimistic atmosphere to conduct a punctual and thorough home inspection. In turn, the client gains valuable knowledge about the home or building they are looking to purchase. Because Chandler Inspections understands the level of investment and care that is required of potential property owners, the needs of their clients come first. Same day reports, free monthly maintenance and preventative text tips, solutions-driven checklists and licensed home contractor referral list are all normal operating procedures for Chandler Inspections. Buying a home or building is stressful, but Chandler Inspections turns the pain into pleasure.

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$25 discounts for full inspections available Monday through Thursday for first time home buyers and veterans!
24 hour rush appointments may be available at an additional $100 charge
Travel charge: $60 for 30-45 minutes outside Grand Rapids, $80 for 45-60 minutes outside Grand Rapids.

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