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Summer Checklist

Run through this quick and helpful checklist to be sure you're ready for the change in seasons, and be sure to check back in the Fall!

Check your air conditioning system to ensure it's running efficiently. Clean or replace filters as needed, and consider having the system serviced by a professional if you haven't done so recently.

Inspect screens for holes or tears that can let insects in. Repair or replace damaged screens to enjoy the summer breezes without worrying about pests.

Inspect your home's exterior paint and siding for signs of wear, such as peeling or chipping paint, or damaged siding. Repair as necessary to protect your home from weather damage and maintain its appearance.

Check trees for dead limbs that might fall and cause damage during summer storms. Also, consider whether any trees are close to power lines and need to be trimmed. Take care of routine landscaping maintenance, such as mowing, edging, and weeding.

Summer often leads to increased pest activity. Conduct a thorough inspection of your home for signs of pests, such as droppings, nests, or damage. Consider hiring a professional pest control service if needed.

How We Evaluate

When evaluating the major key components of your home, here are some of the common markups on our inspection reports and what they mean.


Working efficiently at standard quality and fulfilling expectations.


In accordance with the rules of standard. Ok condition and meets expectations.


Below necessary standard quality. Suggested repairs or additional examination.


Items identified as maintenance are to be considered normal or routine in maintaining a home.

Minor Concern

Items identified as minor concerns either do not significantly affect habitability or can be considered an inexpensive repair or replacement by professionals in the appropriate trades prior to closing the sale.

Major Concern

Items identified as major concerns significantly affect habitability or can be considered a possible expensive repair. And should be evaluated by a professional in the appropriate trade.

Safety Hazard

Items identified as safety hazards are considered dangerous to the occupants to their presence or absence. In our opinion these items should be evaluated by a professional in the appropriate trade prior to closing the sale.


Continue to monitor, if condition continues to deteriorate, contact a qualified contractor.


Recommended repair or replacement by a licensed contractor.

Be Aware

This isn’t necessarily cause for alarm, but something the home owner should be aware of.

Further Evaluation

Recommend further evaluation by a qualified contractor.

Limited Access

Unable to inspect due to limitations or access during or prior to the inspection.

Typical Condition

Condition is typical for an item of its age.


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